Newsletter Sunday 24 December 2023 & Christmas Day 25 December & Holy Family Sunday 31 December 2023

The Fourth Sunday of Advent (B) Liturgical Colour violet & Christmas (B) & Holy Family (B) & Epiphany (B) Liturgical colour white

Prayers + Readings for Sunday on page 420 and for Christmas Masses from pages 424 -439 & For Holy Family on page 440 & Epiphany of the Lord on page 70 (2024 ed.)  in the St. Paul Missal- Masses streamed live daily via webcam.

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Fourth Sunday of Advent Catechesis

The homily, an integral part of the Liturgy of the Word, is vital for nurturing the Christian life. Its purpose is to illuminate Scripture Readings, applying the Word of God to both our present and future existence. Scripture is timeless, simultaneously ancient and contemporary, offering wisdom for holiness and encouragement for our journey toward heavenly fulfilment. The homily provides a moment of reflection, instruction, exhortation, and consolation, using Scripture to guide our relationship with God, instruct us in His grace, strengthen our faith, and offer comfort in times of failure. A well-crafted homily challenges informs, directs, and brings Scripture into the realities of believers' lives.

Please pray for Monica Mullen recently deceased and for Michael Mulcahy, William & David Keane whose anniversaries occur around this time.


December Mass Times and intentions

Saturday 23 December 2023

10.00 a.m. Celebrant’s intention

5.00 p.m.- Deceased members of McGovern, O’Mahony & Foley families

Dora Corrigan- anniversary

Rita & Brian Flynn-anniversary

Dymphna & Larry Griffen- anniversary

Special intention

Sunday 24 December 2023

9.00 a.m.-Parishioners’ intentions  

10.30 a.m.- Marian Kenny r.i.p.

Paul Norris- recently deceased

Paula Callaghan – recently deceased

12 noon – Dan Kennedy- recently deceased

Barry Dunne, Michael & Vera O’Sullivan- anniversary

Christmas Eve Sunday 24 Sunday 6.00 p.m.  Vigil Mass of Christmas (Family Mass) Celebrant’s intention

Carols from 7.40 p.m.

8.00 p.m. (Night Mass)- Celebrant’s intention

Monday 25th December- Christmas Day

9.00 a.m. (Dawn Mass)- Celebrant’s intentions

10.30 a.m.- Celebrant’s intentions   

12.00 noon (Day Mass)- Parishioners’ intentions

Tuesday 26 December 2023

10.00 a.m. – Celebrant’s intention

Wednesday 27 December 2023

10.00 a.m.- Holy Souls

John Coughlan & Sinead Mulvey– recently deceased

2 Special intentions

Special intention

Thursday 28 December 2023

10.00 a.m.- Special intention Special intention (wedding); John Coughlan- recently deceased & Sinead Mulvey- recently deceased

Special Intention

Friday 29 December 2023                             

10.00 a.m. – Mary Redmond – anniversary Special intention Katrina White- recently deceased Special intention

Saturday 30 December 2023                          

10.00 a.m.- Celebrant’s intention

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph

5.00 p.m.-Frank Furlong – anniversary

Marg Mullen- recently deceased

Sunday – 31 December 2023

9.00 a.m.- Celebrant’s intentions

10.30 a.m.- Special intention

12.00 noon- Parishioners’ intentions

Monday 1 January 2024- Mary Mother of God

10.00 a.m.- Jim Foley- recently deceased

 Bridget Roark- recently deceased

Mona Noctor- anniversary

Tuesday 2 January 2024

10.00 a.m.- Celebrant’s intentions

Wednesday- 3 January 2024

10.00 a.m.-John Boylan & Mary Fallon- anniversary

Thursday 4 January 2024

10.00 a.m. Altar List of the Dead

Friday 5 January 2024

10.00 a.m.- Altar list of the Dead

Vigil of the Epiphany of the Lord

7.00 p.m. – Parishioners’ intentions

Saturday- 6 January 2024 -The Epiphany of the Lord  

10.00 a.m. – Celebrant’s intentions

Sincere thanks to all who initiated, organized & promoted & contributed to the Parish Christmas Fundraiser Draw in aid of Church Repairs & maintenance- held on 17 December.  Draw raised €5,793.20 Congratulations to the prizewinners!


The Pope’s Intention for January 2024- For the gift of diversity in the Church.

A word from Pope Francis about our care for God's Creation- Laudate Deum - The necessary transition towards clean energy sources such as wind and solar energy, and the abandonment of solid fuels, is not progressing at the necessary speed. (LD 55) To suppose that all problems in the future will be able to be solved by new technical interventions is a form of homicidal pragmatism like pushing a snowball down a hill. (LD 57)

Thank you for your donations to Christmas Dues. Return envelopes for Christmas Dues 2023 are available on the tables near the exits.

A very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to you all.

Thank you for your support of the Holy Family Parish during the past year.