How you can make a greater financial contribution to the Parish

  1. (1) if you pay income tax.
  2. (2) if your donations in any given calendar year to the Parish collections for Dues and the Family Offering Campaign for Parish maintenance is €250 or more the tax you have paid on that amount will be refunded to the Parish.

Cash placed in collection baskets does not qualify for relief, as it cannot be traced back to the donor.

What you must do:
* Request a Revenue Form CHY3 or CHY4 from the Parish office. – these forms will be posted out before Easter to parishioners who have signed them previously.
* Fill in the relevant parts and return it to us.

The CHY3 & CHY4 forms have a similar result: the parish gets tax relief on donations over €250 in the calendar year but there are some differences:

CHY4 Forms Lasts for 1 Years
The CHY4 lasts for a year.  We will send these forms out annually to parishioners who are already signing these forms.

CHY3 Forms Lasts For 5 Years
The CHY3 form last for 5 years – once the donor signs a CHY3 form we  won’t need to contact the parishioner for up for 5 years (although it’s important for us to keep your contact details up-to-date for when the form does expire).

The CHY3 Forms Can Be Renewed By Phone/Text/On-Line

The Forms Don’t Specify Donation Amount