Newsletter Sunday 10 December 2023

The Second Sunday of Advent (B) Liturgical Colour violet Prayers + Readings for Sunday on page 412 in the St. Paul Sunday Missal- Masses streamed live daily via webcam. webcam and 

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Second Sunday of Advent 9th/10th December- Catechesis 9 /10 December

The Liturgy of the Word is made up of four interrelated elements: the readings from

Sacred Scripture together with the chants occurring between them, the Homily, the Profession of Faith and the Universal Prayer or the Prayer of the Faithful. In the readings God speaks to his people, opening up to them the mystery of redemption and salvation, and offering spiritual nourishment; and Christ himself is present through his word in the midst of the faithful. Although in the readings from Sacred Scripture, the Word of God is addressed to all people of whatever era and is understandable to them, a fuller understanding of the texts is fostered by the Homily.

By silence and by singing, the people make this divine word their own, and affirm their adherence to it by means of the Profession of Faith; finally, having been nourished by the divine word, the people pour out their petitions by means of the Universal Prayer for the needs of the whole Church and the salvation of the whole world.


Please pray for Thomas McLoughlin recently deceased and for Ashling Hickey & Thomas Peter Keating & James Carroll whose anniversaries occur around this time. MAY THE SOULS OF ALL THE FAITHFUL DEPARTED THROUGH THE MERCY OF GOD REST IN PEACE. AMEN

December Mass Times and intentions

Saturday 9 December 2023

10.00 a.m. Celebrant’s intention

5.00 p.m.-Kathleen Keoghan- recently deceased

Bernadette Garland- R.I.P.

Walter, Carmel, Caroline. Louise & Lisa McGlynn R.I. P.

Sammy Slattery – recently deceased

James Carroll - Anniversary

Sunday 10 December 2023

9.00 a.m.- Rory Taite- anniversary

John Humphries- anniversary

Eileen Galligan- recently deceased

Donal Houlihan & Dorothy Ryan- recently deceased

10.30 a.m.- Paudie Stafford- anniversary

Baby Sam O’Donoghue- anniversary

Deceased members of the Reynolds & O’Sullivan families

Ashling Hickey- anniversary

Tom Walshe - Month's mind

12 noon – Sarah (Girlie) & John Kavanagh- anniversary

Sammy Slattery- recently deceased

Matthew (Mattie) Moran - anniversary

David Costello- month’s mind

Monday 11 December 2023

10.00 a.m. – Sammy Slattery- recently deceased

Liam Cryan & Sara Cryan- R.I.P.

Delores Benson- recently deceased

Special Intention

Tuesday 12 December 2023

10.00 a.m.- Special intention

Bill Smith – recently deceased

Wednesday 13 December 2023

10.00 a.m.- Anthony Collins- recently deceased

Diarmuid Herlihy – Rec. deceased

Thursday14 December 2023

10 a.m. – Sheila McGee- anniversary

Jennifer Peare- month’s mind

Friday 15 December 2023

10.00 a.m.- Kevin Barry Taaffe- recently deceased

Carol Service in the Church 5.00 p.m. Sunday next 17 December

The Pope’s Intention for December 2023- For Persons with Disabilities.                                 

Reflection Morning -Saturday morning last  Thanks to Rev. Dermot McCarthy and to all who facilitated & attended the reflection.

A word from Pope Francis about our care for God's Creation- Laudate Deum

Cop28 “Gas and oil companies are planning new projects ( in UAE ); with the aim of further increasing their production… it would be suicidal, for it would mean exposing all humanity, especially the poorest, to the worst impacts of climate change”. (LD 53)

-The Family Mass each Sunday 12 Noon. Children are encouraged to take part through Drama, Prayer, and Singing.  All children are welcome to attend. Children preparing for First Holy Communion or who have recently received their First Holy Communion are particularly encouraged to attend.

Christmas Fundraiser Draw in aid of Church Repairs- will be held for multiple prizes after the Carol Service at 5.00 p.m. on the 3rd Sunday of Advent 17 December with -raffle sheets. There are 10 lines at €2 per line, with an extra line, for the seller to claim for selling the whole sheet. Raffle sheets are available at the tables near the exits.

The Annual Appeal for St Vincent de Paul funds takes place at all masses this weekend, replacing the Share collection.

 Christmas Schedule of Services 2023 is available from tables near the doors. Return envelopes for Christmas Dues 2023 are available on the tables near the exits.

TRIDUUM MASS Christmas CARDS are available in the parish shop. Mass will be offered for the intentions on the 20th, 21st & 22nd of December. Offerings will go to the Church Maintenance fund. Boxes of Christmas cards are also available from the shop at €5 per box.

Volunteers are invited to join the parish Funeral Ministry Team. If interested, please apply to the parish office/ team members   

N.B. The Archbishop's Pastoral Letter on Funeral Ministry is on the newsletter parish website.

Church Upkeep Donations- Kindly leave them in the blue box on the tables near the exits. Thank you for your ongoing support. Multiple Repairs are urgently required to the roof of the main church building, part of the Blessed Sacrament chapel roof  ( completed )as well as to the roof of the Parish Resource Centre and a presbytery roof. Replacement of the boiler for the Resource Centre heating is also required Repairs are now estimated to cost € 50,000 approx.






















Cana Welcome- A journey to grow as a couple. Introductory evening Monday 27 November 7.00 p.m.- 9.00 p.m. Holy Family Parish Resource Centre. For more info contact Victoria 0851025464, or visit the website










Altar List of the Dead- November - the month of the Holy Souls - we remember our dearly departed and pray for them. Mass is offered for those on the Altar List on the First Friday of each month. Envelopes and lists are available on the tables near the church doors and may be filled in & then returned to the church safe or to the Parish Office.

The monthly collection for St. Vincent de Paul raised € 1,370 weekend 11/12 Nov. Thank you for your generosity

Jubilee Day I would like to thank most sincerely all who gave their generous assistance and kind support to the Parish on Jubilee Day 1 October celebrations. Particular thanks to Mr. Bobby O’Reilly (Centra, Johnstown Rd., Killiney), Mr. Michael O’Donovan (Patrick O’Donovan & Son Funeral Director, Sallynoggin), Ms Rachel Twomey & Staff (Supervalu, Deansgrange), Stafford’s Bakery (Gorey), Mardi Bakery (Deansgrange) as well as to all who gave donations, including gifts of flowers and decorations and their time and skill in catering making the event a memorable one. Thank you. Michael O’Connor, Adm.