NEWSLETTER SUNDAY 22nd January 2023

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time - Cycle A - All welcome.

Prayers + Readings for Sunday 22nd January on page 82 in the St. Paul Sunday Missal Cycle A - Sunday Masses may be viewed on the webcam webcam

Parish Office phone 01 284 599-


Mission Statement - Our Parish seeks to live as a family – supporting one another, open to all comers, and building a community where each person feels wanted and cared for. To make this happen, we will work to grow in holiness through prayer and service and we will try to show God’s love in our daily lives.


Your prayers are requested for the souls of Rosaleen Dignam and Greg Foley recently deceased, and for Caroline McGlynn, Madge Byrne, and Frank Horan whose anniversaries occur around this time.


January 2023- Mass times and intentions

Saturday 21 January 2023

10 a.m. – Celebrant’s Intentions

5 p.m. – Maureen Delaney – 10th anniversary

Mary, Tom + John Byrne – anniversary

Richard (Dick) + Pauline Mooney – anniversary

P.J. Connor – anniversary

Margaret Kelly – Birthday remembrance


Sunday 22 January 2023

9 a.m. – Parishioners’ Intentions

10.30. a.m.- Albert McGovern – recently deceased

Maura Walsh – recently deceased

Michael Slattery – 4th anniversary

Rosaleen Dignam – recently deceased

Sheila Stafford - anniversary

12.00 noon- Sr. Adrienne Byrne – recently deceased

Rosaleen Dignam – recently deceased


Monday 23 January 2023

10.00 a.m.- Maura Walsh – recently deceased

Special Intention

Nora Lucey – recently deceased

Special Intention Thanksgiving Mass


Tuesday 24 January 2023

10.00 a.m.Joan McCarrick – recently deceased

Noel McClean – recently deceased

Special Intention

Rosaleen Dignam – recently deceased


Wednesday 25 January 2023- Week of Prayer for Christian Unity ends today.

10.00 a.m.- Rosaleen Dignam – recently deceased

Thomas Moran – recently deceased

Special Intention

Greg Foley- recently deceased


Thursday – 26 January 2023

10.00 a.m. Special intention

Patricia Jackson - recently deceased

Rosaleen Dignam - recently deceased


Friday 27 January 2023

10.00 a.m. – Mass bouquet special intention

Mass bouquet special intention

Edward Cassidy – anniversary

Mass bouquet special intention

 Christmas dues envelopes are available from the tables near the church doors.  € 7,400 has been contributed to date. Thank you!

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity ends 25th January “The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is a privileged moment of prayer, encounter, and dialogue. It is an opportunity to recognise and receive the richness and value that are present in the other, the different, and to ask God for the gift of unity. “From Archbishop Dermot Farrell’s letter of 4th Jan. 2023


Church Heating Costs

10 a.m. Mass from Monday to Saturday inclusive is in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in order to reduce church heating costs. You may be already aware of the high cost of this heating due to the huge increase of gas costs (Average cost monthly € 4,500).

Electric Thermal Radiators will be installed in the Blessed Sacrament chapel for your comfort during mass (cost € 2,400). Donations to help to defray costs are invited. Outside of weekday Masses, the other Masses will be in the Main Church which will be heated. Thank you for your patience. A generous donor has enabled the extension of the webcam to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel for weekday Mass at 10.00 a.m. The church upkeep, including the heating costs, is solely funded from the voluntary family offerings – the standing orders & donations put into the blue box. Thank you for your generosity.

The monthly collection for the St Vincent de Paul takes place after Masses this weekend. Please give as generously as you can.

Building Hope - Our Parish is now in the Donnybrook Deanery and is included in the Partnership of parishes: - Foxrock, Newtownpark Avenue, Blackrock, Monkstown, Kill O’ the Grange.  PPC & Pastoral teams’ representatives from these 5 parishes met on Tuesday night, 17th  January in the Holy Family Parish Hall.

Mass for Peace - Medjugorje Monthly Mass for Peace on Thursday 26th January 2023

at 8 p.m.

in The Divine Master Chapel.

Rosary at 7.30 p.m.  

Eucharistic Adoration after Mass.

All are welcome to a Mass for healing and peace in honour of Our Lady Queen of Peace.