Parish Mission Statement

Our Parish seeks to live as a family – supporting one another, open to all comers, building a community where each person feels wanted and cared for. To make this happen, we will work to grow in holiness through prayer and service and we will try to show God’s love in our daily lives.

 Prayers + Readings on page 92 St. Paul Sunday Missal 2022 cycle c

Your prayers are requested for the soul of Philomena Mooney recently deceased and for Larry & Sadie O’Gorman whose anniversaries occur around this time, MAY THE SOULS OF ALL THE FAITHFUL DEPARTED THROUGH THE    MERCY OF GOD REST IN PEACE. AMEN.  


January/February   Mass times and intentions

Saturday 29th January 2022

10 am – Celebrants Intentions

4.30 pm – Bernard McMahon 1st Anniversary

                  Mona Noctor Rec. Deceased

                  Kay Breen Rec. Deceased

                  Edward Cassidy (Ned) Rec. Deceased

6 pm –     Jimmy Cullen Rec. Deceased

                 Aoife Beary Rec. Deceased

                 PJ Connor Rec. Deceased

                 Kevin Murray Rec. Deceased

                 Bernard McMahon Anniversary

Sunday 30th   January 2022

9 am –   Billy Wilson Rec. Deceased

10.30 am – Andy Hudson & Sr. Hyacinth (Molly) Hudson

                     OSF   R.I.P.

                     Jim Cullen Months Mind

                     Robert O’Rourke Rec. Deceased

                     Seamus Murphy 3rd Anniversary

                     Liam Keane Rec. Deceased

12 noon –   Christopher Doran Anniversary

Monday 31st January 2022

10 am –    Celebrants Intentions

Tuesday 1st February 2022

10 am –    Carmel Doyle R.I.P.

                   Orlaith Humphries Anniversary

Wednesday 2nd February 2022

10 am –   Parishioners Intentions        

Thursday 3rd February 2022

10 am –    Altar List of the Dead

Friday 4th February 2022

10 am –   Altar List of the Dead



Work commenced on the reinstatement of the church heating system on Monday 10th January 2022. The contractor, engaged with the approval of the diocesan authority, is G & J Engineering Limited.  Heating has been restored in the church.  Thanks to all who contributed to the heating fund. Since August ’21 according to the records €11,310 (subject to audit 21/22) has been donated to date.  This will mitigate the costs, approximately €50,000.  Another heating repair job in the sacristy area is still pending.  Thank you for your generosity.  In a building such as the Church, ongoing repairs are required.  Some contributions were donated anonymously.  Where identity/contact details are made available, the donations are acknowledged to the donor(s).



To date, €10,760 has been donated to Christmas Dues 2021. Thank you.


SACRAMENT:  Dates and Times for Confirmation, First Confession, and First Holy Communion at Holy Family Parish 2022

These dates are provisional and may be subject to changes arising from prevailing circumstances.

TIME                     DATE SACRAMENT VENUE

5.30 p.m.              Tuesday, 15 March 2022               First Confession (All)                                    Holy Family Church

7.00 p.m.           Tuesday, 5 April 2022                     Service of Light (All)                                        Holy Family Church

1.00 p.m.           Saturday, 7 May 2022                    Confirmation (HFNS)                                       Holy Family Church

1.00 p.m.           Saturday, 14 May 2022                  Confirmation (K.N.S. + METNS)                      Holy Family Church

1.00 p.m.           Saturday, 21 May 2022                  First Holy Communion HFNS                           Holy Family Church

1.00 p.m.           Saturday, 28 May 2022                  First Holy Communion (KNS +METNS)           Holy Family Church

AIFREANN 10.00a.m.

Sὲipὲal Naomh Mὶcheὰl, Dun Laoghaire.

Gach Domhnach.

Mass in Irish every Sunday 10.00 a.m. St. Michaels Church, Dun Laoghaire.




A “Synod” means walking together.  In each diocese in the Catholic Church, a synodal process has begun which will culminate with a Synod of Bishops at the Vatican in October 2023, each parish will attempt to discern what God wants of its people at this particular time. Meetings, for this purpose, will be held at the parish level from March this year.

Parishioners will be invited to attend meetings to make known their concerns and to talk about their experiences of church.  This will be a time of prayer, listening, and ultimately discernment.