Parish Newsletter Sunday, November 2021

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

MAY THE SOULS OF Very Rev. Timothy Hurley former P.P of this Parish, and Sean O’Cinneide, whose anniversaries are at this time AND THE SOULS OF ALL THE FAITHFUL DEPARTED THROUGH THE MERCY OF GOD REST IN PEACE.  AMEN.


November Mass times and intentions

Sat 20

10 am

Celebrant’s Intentions

4.30 pm

Celebrant’ Intentions

Isabelle Kerr Rec. Deceased

6.00 pm

Paddy O’Callanin R.I.P.

Margaret O’Mahony R.I.P.

Special Intention

Carmel Crowe R.I.P.

Michael Lynch Rec. Deceased

Angela Cahillane Months Mind

Sun 21

9.00 am

 James Pierce Anniversary

10.30 am

Noel Clarke Anniversary

Mary Morahan Months Mind

Angela Cahillane R.I.P.

Sean Keating Rec. Deceased

Paddy Breslin R.I.P.

12 noon

Margaret Kelly 25th Anniversary

David Morgan Anniversary

Thomas Howard Sr. Thomas Howard Jr. Ellen, John, Helen & Thomas Howard R. I. P.

Mary Conway Rec. Deceased

John Brennan Months Mind

Mon 22

10 am

Mary Morahan Rec. Deceased

John Carroll R.I.P.

Lucy Hickey Rec. Deceased

Malva Woolfe

Sadie Mc Donnell Anniversary

Tue 23

10 am

Donors Intentions

Margaret O’Mahony Rec. Dec.

Mairin Smith Rec. Deceased

Special Intention

Wed 24

10 am

Donors Intentions

Angela Cahillane Rec. Deceased

Joseph Langan Anniversary

Mary Shanahan Rec. Deceased

Thu 25

10 am

Parishioners Intentions

Special Intention

Deceased members of Hanly Family

Cathy Smith Rec. Deceased

Fri 26

10 am

Annie O’Dwyer & also Theresa McGovern R.I.P.

John O’Grady Rec. Deceased

Paul Keegan & Dan & Nora Linehan Anniversary

Matthew Coyle 1st Anniversary


Parish Mission Statement


Our Parish seeks to live as a family – supporting one another, open to all comers, building a community where each person feels wanted and cared for. To make this happen, we will work to grow in holiness through prayer and service and we will try to show God’s love in our daily lives.




Our Lord Jesus Christ (King of the Universe.

This celebration was instituted by Pope Pius XI (1922-1939) in 1925 to be held on the last Sunday of the Church’s liturgical year. Sunday (28th November) is the first Sunday of Advent. At his trial before Pilate Jesus said “My Kingdom is not of this world”. Jesus’ rule is focused on the action of the actions of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Kingship us of service. He is our crucified King who, through his cross he won a holy nation and a Royal people. In his Kingdom he has reconciled all things to himself and through himself. Jesus is the true shepherd – King who leads his people to peace.


NEXT SUNDAY  28th November 2021 is the First Sunday of advent – cycle C -when a new liturgical Year begins. “Advent means Arrival”. There is a threefold coming of the Lord: First, Jesus coming as a human being; Second his daily coming into our lives in the community of believers; and third, his glorious final coming. Purple vestments are worn for Mass to underline the penitential character of the Advent Season.


CHURCH HEATING:  The breakdown of the Church heating system is regrettable particularly as winter draws near. Proposals with estimates are expected soon from possible tenderers for the job of reinstating the heating in the church. This work is likely to be lengthy and expensive. In the meantime, wrap up well to keep warm while in the church until the heating is fixed.


PARISH OFFICE in the Resource Centre building is open 10.30am - 12.30pm Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays. The secretary may be contacted by telephone at 01 2845299 or by email at



You are advised that Mass intentions (to be announced) are normally booked in advance through the Parish Office during the usual working hours 10.30am -12.30 Monday -Friday

The cut-off day for booking a Mass intention to be announced the following week is the Wednesday before that particular weekend.








We stand before you, Holy Spirit,

as we gather together in Your name.


With You alone to guide us,

make Yourself at home in our hearts;

Teach us the way we must go

and how we are to pursue it.


We are weak and sinful;

do not let us promote disorder.

Do not let ignorance lead us down the wrong path

nor partiality influence our actions.


Let us find in You our unity

so that we may journey together to eternal life

and not stray from the way of the truth

and what is right.


All this we ask of You,

who are at work in every place and time,

in the communion of the Father and the Son, forever and ever.   Amen.