Parish Mission Statement


Our Parish seeks to live as a family – supporting one another, open to all comers, building a community where each person feels wanted and cared for. To make this happen, we will work to grow in holiness through prayer and service and we will try to show God’s love in our daily lives.


Prayers + Readings of St. Laurence OToole, Patron of Dublin Diocese

A word of thanks is due to those who participated in and those who organised the Commemorative Mass for those whose funerals took place here in the past year.



The Catholic Church is beginning a Series of Conversations about what God wants of us people at this time. These conversations are often referred to as “Synodal process” meaning “walking together”

On Sunday 17th October the opening of the liturgy for the Diocesan Synodal Pathway took place in the Pro-Cathedral where representatives from each parish were present with Archbishop Dermot Farrell for this event. Preparations for the Synod are beginning to unfold at parish level. Also, consult the Dublin diocesan website



THE COLLECTION for the Missions on Sunday 24th October 2021 amounted to  1,361 Euro. It has been forwarded to the Society of the Propagation of the Faith. Anything later received here will likewise be forwarded. Thank you for your generosity.


TROCAIRE COLLECTION  for East Africa – Drought and Famine conditions alleviation. 2,580 Euro raised on weekend 6/7th November and has been forwarded through the Diocesan office. Thank you for your generosity. Both the above collections replaced the usual weekly SHARE collections.


THANK YOU for your continued generosity with your donations to the Common Fund Collection(in support of the priests of the Diocese including the sick and the retired priests, the Share Fund collection goes to Diocesan Services and help to parishes) as well as the Voluntary Family Offering in support of the parish upkeep and services. Without your active support neither the parish or the diocese could survive. The two church collections have been seriously impacted during the year possibly due to the Covid -19 precautions around collections. Your help is essential.



Your prayers are requested for the souls of Bernadette Carroll & Bridget Nolan

whose anniversary occurs about this time,




November Mass times and intentions

Sat 13

10 am

Celebrant’s Intentions

4.30 pm

Celebrant’ Intentions

6.00 pm

Martin Butler R.I.P.

Joan O’Connor Rec. Deceased

Tony Barry Rec. Deceased

Liam Sellers Anniversary

Sun 14

9.00 am

Parishioners Intentions  

10.30 am

Frank Gregan R.I.P.

Joe Perry R.I.P.

Teresa Ryan R.I.P.

Dermot Dunne Rec. Deceased

12 noon

Charlie Heron (Months Mind)

Hans & Leona Rhein R.I.P,

John Brennan R.I.P.

Ann & Pat Surgenor

Mon 15

10 am

Dick & Vera O’Hanrahan R.I.P.

Special Intention

P.J. Ketting Rec. Deceased

Special Intention

Tue 16

10 am

Phyllis Heffernan (Months Mind)

Neil Cotterill Rec. Deceased

Special Intention

Andrew McNamara Rec. Deceased

Wed 17

10 am

Gerard Doyle Rec. Deceased

Betty Garland R.I.P.

Special Intention

Thu 18

10 am

John O’Grady Rec. Deceased

Special Intention

Robert Halpin Rec. Deceased

Fri 19

10 am

Gabriel Fehily Rec. Deceased

Mass of Thanksgiving

Holy Souls

McGovern & O’Mahony Families R.I.P.