Holy Family Parish, Kill o the Grange

Sunday 12 September 2021

Twenty-Fourth Sunday, Ordinary Time






Isaiah 50:4-9

Psalm 116:1-6, 8-9

James 2:14-18

Mark 8:27-35

In today’s Gospel, we reach a pivotal moment in our walk with the Lord. After weeks of listening to His words and witnessing His deeds, along with the disciples we’re asked to decide who Jesus truly is.

Peter answers for them, and for us, too, when he declares: “You are the Messiah.” Many expected the Messiah to be a miracle worker who would vanquish Israel’s enemies and restore the kingdom of David (see John 6:15).

Jesus today reveals a different portrait. He calls Himself the Son of Man, evoking the royal figure Daniel saw in his heavenly visions (see Daniel 7:13-14).  But Jesus’ kingship is not to be of this world (see John 18:36).  And the path to His throne, as He reveals, is by way of suffering and death.

Jesus identifies the Messiah with the suffering servant that Isaiah foretells in today’s First Reading. The words of Isaiah’s servant are Jesus’ words—as He gives Himself to be shamed and beaten, trusting that God will be His help. We hear our Lord’s voice again in today’s Psalm, as He gives thanks that God has freed Him from the cords of death.

As Jesus tells us today, to believe that He is the Messiah is to follow His way of self-denial—losing our lives to save them in order to rise with Him to new life. Our faith, we hear again in today’s Epistle, must express itself in works of love (see Galatians 5:6).

Notice that Jesus questions the apostles today “along the way.” They are on the way to Jerusalem, where the Lord will lay down His life. We, too, are on a journey with the Lord.

We must take up our cross, giving to others and enduring all our trials for His sake and the sake of the Gospel.

Our lives must be an offering of thanksgiving for the new life He has given us until that day when we reach our destination and walk before the Lord in the land of the living.


Sunday, 12 September 2021

St Paul Missal page 348

Your prayers are requested for the soul of Fr. Oliver Crotty, Co-Parish Priest of Glendalough Parish, Mary Brennan, Mary Keenan and Alan Dixon recently deceased and James + Eileen Fitzgerald, Mary Herron and Fr. Michael O’Donoghue whose anniversary occurs around this time.



Saturday 11

10 am       

Celebrant’s intentions

4.30 pm       

Celebrant’s intentions

6 pm             

Bill + Kathleen Brien, Anniversary

Tom Quinn, Recently Deceased

Damien Ryan, Recently Deceased

Marie Connor, Month’s Mind

Sunday 12

9.00 am   

Parishioners’ Intentions

10.30 am 

Deceased Members of the Perry Family

Dolores O’Reilly, Recently Deceased

Tom Quinn, Recently Deceased

Louis Brennan, Recently Deceased

12 noon        

Marie Deegan, RIP + Pat Deegan, Anniversary

Joan Mulcahy, Anniversary

John Byrne, Recently Deceased

Frances Mullen, Anniversary

Jane Brady, Anniversary

Carmel Cush, Anniversary

Monday 13

10 am            

Holy Souls

Jassim Al Sheikh, RIP

Tom Quinn, Recently Deceased

Tuesday 14

10 am       

John Byrne, Recently Deceased

Special Intention

Special Intention

Special Intention

Wednesday 15


10 am

Brendan O’Connor, Recently Deceased

Special Intention

Fr. Con Cronin, Recently Deceased

Thursday 16

10 am

Robert Doyle, Recently Deceased

Special Intention

Fr. Michael O'Donoghue, Anniversary

Friday 17

10 am

Anne Hennessy, Recently Deceased

Jerry Counihan, Recently Deceased

Noel Collins, Recently Deceased



The Annual Collection for Crosscare, the social support agency of the Archdiocese of Dublin will be taken up at all Masses in the Diocese on the weekend of 18 and 19 September 2021.  It will replace the usual Share collection.

Through their services for the Homeless, Youth, Migrants and Refugees, Crosscare focuses on helping people and families when they need it most or when they can’t find support anywhere else.  In their Community Foodbanks and Cafes, they provide food parcels and nutritious meals every day.  Demand for their services continues to increase as the pandemic has impacted the most vulnerable in our parishes and communities.

Please give generously in the second collection on 18 and 19 September next or online at www.crosscare.ie

  • This years’ collection for Crosscare is arranged to take place over 18/19 September, next weekend). Crosscare is the social support agency of the Archdiocese of Dublin.  Crosscare helps people and families when they face difficult challenges in life and when they find it hard to get the help they need.  When the Covid Crisis began last year Crosscare Services were stretched to capacity.  As the demand for services increased, funding decreased.
  • Envelopes are left on the tables near the church entrances (exits to facilitate parishioners who may wish to donate.
  • The Cross care annual collection replaces the Share Collection on the weekend of 18/19 September 2021.
  • Detailed information on Crosscare work in 2020 can be found on  https://crosscare.ie/crosscare-annual-report-2020


Holy Family Resource Centre

It is hoped that with the incremental easement of the anti-covid restrictions that the activities associated with Holy Family Resource Centre may be able to resume in full from after late October 2021 keeping in mind whatever Health Authority advice may apply.  For more information, please ask at the Parish Office during office hours 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Monday to Friday inclusive.



The Church Attendance at Religious Services – From 6 September 2021

  • HSE/NPHET, has advised the public that from Monday 6 September the number of attendees at Church Services may occupy the Church up to 50% capacity.
  • Until there is clarification from the appropriate authority as to what exactly is meant by the phrase “social distancing as much as possible”, we are still required to keep to the 2-metre distance.
  • Unless and until otherwise informed by the Health / Diocesan Authority the parish will prudently continue with the present seating arrangement in Church, at least until 22 October.
  • Please continue to wear your mask within the church.



It is hoped to resume the “printed newsletter” when restrictions are finally lifted (22 October).



The Archbishop has permitted the Little Sisters of the Assumption who used to have a convent in this parish for many years to collect funds in parishes of the Archdiocese (Mission Appeal) for their charitable work.  The sisters will be present at the Masses on the weekend of 25/26 September 2021.



The Monthly collection for St. Vincent de Paul will take place at all the Masses this weekend 11th/12th September 2021.  The Conference would like to sincerely thank all those who continue to support it during lockdown by donating online and leaving donations at the Parish Office.  Your generosity has allowed us to maintain our assistance to families in need in the parish.



EWTN - Mass every day at 1 p.m. and 6 pm

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