Holy Family Parish, Kill o' the Grange

Sunday 4 July 2021

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Parish Newsletter 4 July 2021




The people of Nazaret rejected Jesus because their perception of Jesus was based on their knowledge of his life, as a carpenter’s son.  In spite of listening to him speak with God’s power and authority, they failed to perceive him as the Son of God.  As a result, Jesus could not work many miracles there.



Ezekiel 2:2-5

Psalm 122

2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Mark 6:1-6

As we’ve walked with the Apostles in the Gospels in recent weeks, we’ve witnessed Jesus command the wind and sea, and order a little girl to arise from the dead.

But He seems to meet His match in His hometown of Nazareth. Today’s Gospel is blunt: “He was not able to perform any mighty deed there.”

Why not? Because of the people’s lack of faith. They acknowledged the wisdom of His words, the power of His works. But they refused to recognize Him as a prophet comes among them, a messenger sent by God.

All they could see was how much “this man” was like them—a carpenter, the son of their neighbour, Mary, with brothers and sisters.

Of course, Mary was ever-virgin and had no other children. The Gospel refers to Jesus’ brothers as Paul refers to all Israelites as his brothers, the children of Abraham.  That’s the point in today’s Gospel, too. Like the prophet Ezekiel in today’s First Reading, Jesus was sent by God to the rebellious house of Israel, where He found His own brothers and sisters obstinate of heart and in revolt against God.

The servant is not above the Master). As His disciples, we too face the mockery and contempt we hear of in today’s Psalm. And isn’t it often hardest to live our faith among those in our own families, those who think they really know us, who define us by the people we used to be—before we chose to walk with Jesus?

As Paul confides in today’s Epistle, insults and hardships are God’s way of teaching us to rely solely on His grace.

Jesus will work no mighty deeds in our lives unless we abandon ourselves to Him in faith. Blessed then are those who take no offense in Him.  Instead, we must look upon Him with the eyes of servants—knowing that the son of Mary is also the Lord enthroned in the heavens.


Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, 4 July 2021

St Paul Missal page 305


Your prayers are requested for the repose of the souls recently deceased and for those whose anniversary occurs around this time.



Mass Times and Intentions

Saturday 3

10 am       

Celebrant’s intentions

4.30 pm       

Celebrant’s intentions

6 pm             

Olivia McLoughlin, Anniversary

Susan Stapleton, Recently Deceased

Susan Stapleton, Recently Deceased

Mary O’Keeffe, Recently Deceased

Thomas Callaghan, Recently Deceased

Miriam Carroll, Anniversary

Sunday 4

9.00 am   

Parishioners intentions

10.30 am 


Maureen + Michael Reid, R.I.P.

Carmel Byrne, and the deceased members of the Byrne family

Mary O’Keeffe, Recently Deceased

Kathleen Desmond, R.I.P.

12 noon        

Valerie Ryan, 1st Anniversary

Phyllis Cassidy, Recently Deceased

Colin Hayden, Recently Deceased

Colin Hayden, Recently Deceased

Gerard McDonald, 3rd Anniversary

Monday 5

10 am            

Special intention

Special Intention

Tuesday 6

10 am       

Celebrant’s intentions

Wednesday 7

10 am

Celebrant’s intentions

Thursday 8

10 am

Celebrant’s intentions

Friday 9

10 am

Special Intention

Special Intention

Gerry Kilduff, Recently deceased

Mary + Leo Lennon, Anniversary




Peter’s Pence

The annual Peter’s Pence Collection takes place on this weekend 3rd and 4th July.  “Peter’s Pence” provides Pope Francis with the funds he needs to carry out his charitable works around the World.  It will replace the usual second Collection/Share this weekend.


Task Force:  Building Hope – Public Consultation

Archbishop Farrell has set up a Task Force under the title of Building Hope.  The Task Force aims to stimulate engagement with the whole diocesan family and to shape a pastoral strategy appropriate to our times.  You are invited to take part in this consultation.  There is a video, a prayer, and a form on the www.dublindiocese.ie website.  Please watch the video from the Archbishop and join with your family to discuss the future of the Church together.  You might fill out the form and return it to the website.  The consultation form will remain online until 18th July 2021


Christmas, Easter, and Summer Dues

Thanks to all who have contributed to Christmas, Easter, and Summer Dues.  The Dues are part of the Common Fund in support of the priests of the diocese.