Holy Family Parish, Kill o' the Grange

Sunday 20 June 2021

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time





The gist of today’s Gospel is found in the last sentence, of the parable,’ Who can this be? Even the wind and the sea obey him.’ Mark answers this question in his Gospel by gradually revealing the “messianic secret”.  Mark is telling us that Jesus as the Messiah of suffering and death will not take away the pain, the struggle, the hardship, the suffering the storms of life.  This sentiment is echoed by St Paul in the Second Reading: that we do not look upon Jesus as a wonder-worker, but rather as the crucified one who offered himself in love; this great love of Jesus is what impels us to live by his values.  For Paul, as for Mark, our salvation is not glorious salvation but one that is fully human carried out amidst the storms of life.


Scripture Themes
In the midst of the questions that life gives rise to when God seems to be sleeping, do we have the faith and trust that Jesus asks for? The love of the Lord is everlasting and God will see justice done in his own good time. If a believer is disappointed it is because of a lack of trust in God.





Traditionally, there have been two collections during the Sunday Masses

The “First Collection” for the Common Fund which supports the priests of the Dublin Diocese in active ministry as well as the sick and the retired priest of the Diocese, Parishioners have been very generous towards this collection over the years.

The “Second Collection” for the Share Fund in support of financially disadvantaged parishes as well as the diocesan services.  This collection has been well supported by parishioners.

Both these collections have been severely impacted by the lockdowns and by the reduced attendance at the public Masses.

The Diocesan Finance Secretariate has informed us that the Common Fund Collection has fallen in income by 58% approximately and the Share Collection by 78% approximately, over the past year or so.

Other Sources of Income

Dues – Christmas and Easter Dues are sent to the “Common Fund” and are applied in support of the diocesan clergy (active and retired).  The Dues have greatly declined over the past two years.

Accurate figures will be presented to you when the parish accounts are formally approved by the Finance Secretariate Audit Unit.

Summer Dues

The First Collection income has been severely depleted thus making it difficult to support the priests financially.

The Common Fund Executive Committee has therefore decided to supplement the income by means of “Summer Dues” (from 20 June 2021).

The Summer Dues Envelopes (Green Print) will be left on the tables near the entrances/exits of the Church.  Parishioners/others are invited to take an envelope and to return it with a donation to the Parish office/safe in the Church/Presbytery.

The Voluntary Family Offering supports the working of the parish.

Thank you for your generosity in giving to the Parish and Dublin Diocesan collections.



The Monthly collection for St. Vincent de Paul will take place at all the Masses this weekend 19 and 20 June 2021.  The Conference would like to thank sincerely all those who continue to support it during lockdown by donating online and leaving donations at the Parish Office.  Your generosity has allowed us to maintain our assistance to families in need in the parish.


Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, 20 June 2021

St Paul Missal page 288


Your prayers are requested for the repose of the souls of Joseph Carson, Ann Byrne, Susan (Noctor) Stapleton, Mary O'Keeffe, and Eugene Conway recently deceased and for those whose anniversary occurs around this time.




Mass Times and Intentions

Saturday 19

10 am       

Celebrant’s intentions

4.30 pm       

Des O’Riordan, 6 Anniversary

Florence + Stephen Deavey, R.I.P.

6 pm             

Kay Spain, Months Mind Mass

Susan Stapleton, R.I.P.

Róisín Ryan, R.I.P.

Sunday 20

9.00 am   

Parishioners’ intentions

10.30 am 


Peter + Julia Kelly, R.I.P.

Brendan Murphy, Anniversary

Ann Byrne, R.I.P.

Liam Davis, R.I.P.

12 noon        

Annie Kenny, Birthday Remembrance R.I.P.

Kevin Byrne, R.I.P.

Ann Byrne, R.I.P.

Marita O’Keeffe, R.I.P.

Monday 21

10 am            

Holy Souls

Special Intention

Special Intention

Tuesday 22

10 am       

Celebrant’s intentions

Wednesday 23

10 am

Mary Fitzpatrick, Anniversary

Special Intention

Thursday 24

10 am

Leonor Hernández Urbin, R.I.P.

Jimmy O’Dwyer, Recently Deceased

Friday 25

10 am

Sheelagh Stafford, R.I.P.

Tom Dwyer, Recently Deceased

Special Intention