Newsletter Saturday 5 to 11 December 2020


Your prayers are requested for James (Jimmy) Kelly, Michael Casey and Matthew Coyle recently deceased, and for those whose anniversary occurs around this time.



Mass Times and Intentions


10 am

Celebrant’s intentions

4.30 pm

Marian Hora – Month’s Mind

6 pm

Michael Casey – Recently Deceased

Dorothy Donegan - Recently Deceased

Matthew Coyle – Recently Deceased

Tom Maguire - Anniversary


9.00 am

Celebrants intentions

10.30 am

Margaret + Sean Kerr – Anniversary

Michael Casey – Recently Deceased

Matt Coyle – Recently Deceased

12 noon

Michael Casey – Recently Deceased


10 am

Sheila Stafford – Remembrance Mass

Special Intention

Sean Stafford – Recently Deceased

Michael Casey – Recently Deceased


10 am

Mary Balfe – Anniversary

Michael Casey – Recently Deceased


10 am

Parishioners intentions


10 am

Altar List of the Dead


10 am

Bridget Stafford – Remembrance Mass

Michael Casey – Recently Deceased


Kindly note that once the list of intentions for the coming week as above has been posted to the Newsletter page on the Parish website ( and printed off for the Priests’ use during the Masses, additions/adjustments to that week’s list cannot be easily and conveniently made after 11.30 a.m. Thursday of the week.


Re-opening of the Parish Church 1 December 2020

  1. The church will open for public Mass on Tuesday morning – 10.00 a.m.
  1. Social distancing guidelines must be adhered to.
  1. No more than 50 persons are permitted in each cordoned off section of the church. Each section must keep to its own entrance/ exit route
  2. Strictly no movement of people between the sections during before or after Mass/ service is allowed.
  3. Please remain in your own section for the distribution of Holy Communion by a minister.
  4. Make use of the sanitising stations on entry and exit
  5. Masks are to be worn throughout the Mass, except when reading in public (readers) and at the moment of receiving Holy Communion.
  6. Those who live together in the same household may sit together.
  7. Do not crowd/ block entrance/ exit routes and doorways.
  8. Please do not gather in groups/ cluster outside in the grounds before or after Mass. Do not linger there. Simply enter and go out without delaying.
  9. Kindly co-operate with our voluntary stewards.
  10. The duration of any Mass/ service available in the church to the public is not to exceed 1 hour (60 minutes). An hour must be between two services.
  11. Attendance at funeral services and wedding ceremonies remains limited to a maximum of 25 persons only
  12. The success of all and each of the above depends on your good will and active co-operation while at church.
  13. Should a violation of any of the above be detected by the authorities or be reported to them, the church may be ordered by them to close and may remain closed over the Christmas season. Please be careful, prudent and diligent.
  14. The obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and holy days still remains in suspense. There was never an obligation to attend Mass on other days.
  15. Mass will continue to be cast via web cam.


Dramatised Nativity Story


On Sunday 20th December 2020, that is the Sunday before Christmas, at 5.30 pm there will be a dramatisation of the Christmas Story, which will include some Christmas Carols and some short prayers.  This service is particularly suitable for children and we would encourage parents to watch this story along with their children.  The service will be broadcast on the webcam and the church will not be opened for this event.  This is an opportunity for children to view the Christmas Story, particularly where they may not be able to visit the Christmas Crib due to the current restrictions associated with Covid 19.  You are welcome to join with the singing and the prayers.



Sacrament of Reconciliation


Our Christmas Sacrament of Reconciliation will be held in this church on Monday 21st December at 7 pm.  All are welcome to attend in person.  As usual we will have a number of visiting priests to assist with this service.