Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Your prayers are requested for those recently deceased and for Jim and Bridie Hayes whose anniversary occurs around this time.



Mass Times and Intentions

Saturday 31

10 am



Special Intention

Dolores Fitzpatrick – Recently Deceased

Special Intention

Special Intention

4.30 pm

Parishioners’ intention

6 pm

Hugh Winters – Anniversary

Lee Cummins – Recently Deceased

Colm Foxe – Recently Deceased

John McNamara – Recently Deceased

Special Intention

Sunday 1

9.00 am

William Doyle – Anniversary

John Kirwan – Recently Deceased

Juliet O’Donoghue – Recently Deceased

10.30 am

Catherine, William + Michael Feerick – Anniversary

John Turner – Recently Deceased

Agnus McGlynn – Recently Deceased

John Shanahan – Recently Deceased

John Turner – Recently Deceased

12 noon

Parishioners’ Intentions

Monday 2

10 am

Holy Souls

Teresa Murray – Recently Deceased

Felicity Fitzgibbon – Recently Deceased

7.30 pm

Annual Mass for those funerals were held at this Church from after mid-October 2019

Tuesday 3

10 am

Celebrants’ intention

Wednesday 4

10 am

Gerry McGeough – Anniversary

Special Intention

Benny Moran – R.I.P. Remembrance

David Dowdall – R.I.P. Remembrance

Thursday 5

10 am

Celebrants’ intention

Friday 6

10 am

Altar List of the Dead


Kindly note that once the list of intentions for the coming week as above has been posted to the Newsletter page on the Parish website ( and printed off for the Priests’ use during the Masses, additions/adjustments to that week’s list cannot be easily and conveniently made after 11.30 a.m. Thursday of the week.

  1. ALL SAINTS DAY is celebrated on the 1st November each year. We celebrate it on a Sunday this year.  This is a celebration of all in the community of faith – a day for joy and thanksgiving.  This day commemorates all those who have come to the beatific vision and from whom we take example and inspiration, especially during this horrible pandemic time.  The “saints” are the holy people of God who will help us on our way to the blessedness of Heaven and the abiding presence of God.


  1. Each year, during November, we remember those who died and have gone before us. Sadly, due to the restrictions imposed on us due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are unable to attend in person at the Annual Mass for those whose funerals were held at this Church since mid-October 2019.  This year, Mass will be streamed live via webcam from the Church at 30 p.m. on Monday, 2nd November 2020, the Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed (All Souls’ Day).  You will be enabled to participate in the Mass by following the details given below,                                                                and follow the link to the webcam

or and follow the link for Holy Family Parish.


  1. Our prayers at this time are with all those who have died during the past year, as well as their families. Let us all join together in prayer for the souls of those whom we remember during the Mass on Monday night.  I would like to thank all who have so generously devoted their time and efforts to prepare and to present this liturgy together with the music and readings.