Newsletter Saturday 1 AUGUST 2020 – 7 AUGUST 2020

Eighteen Sunday in Ordinary Time

Your prayers are requested for the souls of Marcus Ingle and Charlie Byrne recently deceased and for John Kennedy whose anniversary occurs about this time.



Saturday 1 August – Friday 7 August 2020


Saturday 1st August

10 am


Thomas (Tom) Cushion – Recently Deceased

Elizabeth McNamara – Recently Deceased

Gerry Noone – Recently Deceased

Trudy Rouine – Recently Deceased


4.30 pm


Eugenie + Lawrence Arthur Manly – Anniversary

Doris Manly and Rose Havasy Anniversary

Deceased members of the Havasy Family

Marcus Ingle – Recently Deceased


6 pm


Mona + Michael Kelly plus Elizabeth Fegan Anniversary

Dorothy Murphy – Recently Deceased

Olivia McLoughlin – Month’s Mind

Greg Finn – 1st Anniversary

Valerie Ryan – Month’s Mind


Sunday 2nd August

9.00 am


Anne and Michael Gillespie – Anniversary


10.30 am

Marcus Ingle – Recently Deceased

Esther Brennan – Recently Deceased                                                                                                   



12 noon

Louise Brocklebank - Anniversary



Monday 3rd August



10.00 am


Maura Leddy – Recently Deceased



Tuesday 4th August



10.00 am


Marcus Ingle – Recently Deceased



Wednesday 5th August

10.00 am

Parishioners Intentions



Thursday 6th August



10.00 am


Agnus + Eric Rouchy - Anniversary


Friday 7th August

10.00 am

Altar List of the Dead



Kindly note that once the list of intentions for the coming week as above has been posted to the Newsletter page on the Parish website ( and printed off for the Priests’ use during the Masses, additions/adjustments to that week’s list cannot be easily and conveniently made after 11.30 a.m. Thursday of the week.


Collections – Important Lodgement Notice from Finance – 23rd July 2020


The Peter’s Pence collection due to take place on 05/07/2020 in place of the Share collection is postponed to November 2020.