Newsletter Saturday 25TH JULY – 31ST JULY 2020

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time



Saturday 25th July – Friday 31st July 2020


Saturday 25 July

10 am

Noel Duignan – Recently Deceased


Esther Brennan – Recently Deceased

4.30 pm

Myles, Sarah, Myles (Jnr) Nolan – Anniversary +

Frank, Lynda and Joe Colgan – Anniversary


Joseph Kelly – Anniversary

6.00 pm

Fr. John + Mike Flanagan – Anniversary

Deceased members of the Flanagan Family


Fr. Pat Hudson O.F.M. - Anniversary


Jimmy and Josie Coyne – Anniversary

Josephine Cullen - Anniversary

Sunday 26 July

9.00 am

Conall Victory – Anniversary


10.30 am

Fr. Pat Hudson O.F.M. - Anniversary


12 noon

Michael Twomey R.I.P.

Monday 27 July

10 am

Sean Boylan – Recently Deceased


Special Intention (Salesian Province in Kolkata)


Tuesday 28 July

10 am

Cyril McGann – Recently Deceased

Wednesday 29 July


Peter O’Connor – Recently Deceased


Michael Cuddy – Recently Deceased

Thursday 30 July

10 am

Parishioners Intentions

Friday 31 July

10 am

Celebrants Intention


Your prayers are requested for the soul of Mary Stapleton recently deceased and also for those the anniversary of whose death occurs about this time.


Kindly note that once the list of intentions for the coming week as above has been posted to the Newsletter page on the Parish website ( and printed off for the Priests’ use during the Masses, additions/adjustments to that week’s list cannot be easily and conveniently made after 11.30 a.m. Thursday of the week.


The email address of this parish is   Please DO NOT use the old one as the communication will not reach us.

Thank you for your patient understanding.


Information about the Parish

The present arrangement in regard to times for Sunday and Weekday Mass will continue until circumstances change.  It looks like the world population will have to co-exist as best it can with the Covid-19 pandemic for many years to come.  It is a cause of great anxiety to parents who are concerned about the good health and welfare of their children.  Presently, the parish is attempting to emerge into the light of day after 3 months of lockdown.  A herculean effort was made by the team that prepared the Church for opening.  The parish is now ready to resume, in a limited way, the sacramental life of the Church.  Seating in the Church area is according to “Social distancing” rules from NPHET and is legally binding on all.  You may use your discretion in the wearing of masks/visors.  Thank you for your goodwill and co-operation.


Please read this attentively

Sacraments of Confirmation, First Penance, First Holy Communion

Some have been inquiring about the dates for administration of the Sacraments to the Children awaiting Confirmation and First Holy Communion.  This situation in regard to the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the parish having to postpone the dates for reception of the sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion to suitable dates later this year.  Some time will have to be given to preparing the candidates for a worthy reception of the sacraments.

The parish clergy plan to meet later this week to discuss preparations for the administration of the Holy Sacraments and you will be informed.  It is aimed to have Confirmations in October 2020.

Due to social distancing arrangements prevalent in the Church, it will be necessary to divide the candidates into several groups.



  1. Stay home if unwell or in a high-risk group

Please do not come to Mass if you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19.  Vulnerable and elderly people and those with underlying conditions are asked to stay away altogether.  The dispensation from the Sunday and Holy Day obligation is still in place.

  1. Note reduced seating capacity

The capacity of the church has been significantly reduced to accommodate distancing.  Please come early or consider attending a weekday Mass.

  1. Note the entrance-only and exit-only doorways.
  2. Sanitise your hand on entry

Always sanitise your hands on the way into and out of the Church.  Please use the sanitisers provided.

  1. Maintain physical distancing

Physical distancing must be maintained outside and inside the church, including when approaching the altar for Holy Communion.  Couples from the same Household may sit together.

  1. Follow signage

Please follow the Covid signage in the church in relation to which pews are to be used and how to approach for Holy Communion and return to your seat.

  1. Receive Holy Communion only in the hand

Holy Communion will only be distributed in the hand.  Ministers of the Holy Communion will wear face masks and will sanitise their hands before and after distributing Holy Communion, and additionally as may be required.

  1. Leave the place clean and tidy!

Please leave the church as you would hope to find it.  Please do not leave anything behind you.

  1. Take personal responsibility

We must use our common sense and always follow public health advice.  The use of masks is left to the judgment of parishioners, having regard to public health advice.


HSE Covid-19 Update Guidance for Religious Services

Thursday 9 July 2020

Please find attached and in the link below, detailed HSE Covid-19 Guidance for Religious Services which has just been issued. This guidance is compatible with Diocesan norms and should be followed carefully.


Issued by the Government Press Office 

3rd July 2020

Cabinet Committee Reviews Progress on Ireland’s Covid-19 Response

Places of Worship

Detailed Covid-19 Guidance has been developed for religious services. The Cabinet Committee reviewed the guidance, which state that an assessment should be carried out for each premises to determine how many can attend within the requirements of social distancing. 

The Cabinet Committee decided that where the size of the premises allows for a capacity of greater than 50 this may be permitted only where:

  • Social distancing guidelines are adhered to
  • The premises can be subdivided into distinct sections (cordoned or marked appropriately) of not more than 50 persons in each section
  • There is a minimum of 4m between sections
  • Each section having its own entrance/exit route
  • There are separate arrangements for elements of the service involving close contact, e.g. the distribution of Holy Communion
  • Strictly no movement of people between sections before, during or after the service
  • The premises is well-ventilated.

Account must also be taken regarding the risk of congregation by people outside before and after any services, having regard to outdoor overall limits on mass gatherings and arrangements for staggered exiting after ceremonies

The use of face coverings is strongly recommended for such indoor settings.