Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 4th and 5th 2020


Parish Newsletter

Please note that the annual Peter’s Pence collection which was due to be taken up this weekend has been postponed until later in the year.

Prayers and readings are in St. Paul Sunday Missal page 335 (if you have the book)

The Missals have been sanitised individually in the interest of health and safety.  They will no longer be kept in the Church. They are in cardboard cartons near the church doors.  You may take one home with you and keep it for your personal use.

Collection Buckets for the Common Fund (1st collection / Priests), Share (2nd collection), Voluntary Family Offering (Church Fund) are stationed at particular points in the Church, Buckets are of a distinct colour as well as being labelled accordingly.      Please put your envelopes/cash donations into the bucket related to the particular collection.

Þ Common Fund — Green Bucket

Þ Share Fund — Red Bucket

Þ Voluntary Family Offering — Blue Bucket


Mass Times

Attendance at Mass is limited to 50 people only including the priest, deacon, Ministers of Holy Communion, Readers, Sacristan, Cleaners, Organist, Cantor and Others, Admission to Sunday / Vigil Mass is by ticket only to ensure fairness after a structured manner.

Please note that there is a dispensation from the obligation to attend mass on Sundays and on holy days.  You might like to opt for a weekday mass.



WEEKDAYS—Tickets are not required for 10 am weekday mass.

Monday to SATURDAY inclusive Mass at 10 am limit to entrants 50 people only.

Holy days 10 am only

Funeral masses normally at 11 am until further notice.



At 1 pm (after 12 noon Mass) each Sunday if necessary. One months’ notice through the Parish Office is required and also the pre-baptism meeting.  GDPR applies.  The civic birth certificate / its copy will be returned to the Child’s parent as soon as possible.  Time and place and manner of the pre-baptism meeting may be arranged by the presenting parent with the officiating Priest / Deacon.



A.  Presently the generalised cap is 50 people attending any religious service in accordance with the present government regulation limiting attendance to 50 people indoors, Infants and young children count as “people”.  People who live together in the same house (e.g. a couple) may sit together in the one seat.  All others are expected to keep to social distancing (2 metres presently).



Rest in Peace

Your prayers are requested for the souls of Nigel Brennan, Paddy Daly, Olivia McLaughlin, Brendan Mellon and Valerie Ryan recently deceased and also for those the anniversary of whose death occurs about this time.


Mass Intentions JULY 4th - 10th 2020

Saturday 4th July


4.30 pm


Frank Wynne - Anniversary

Lena McCormack - Recently Deceased


6.00 pm


Terry McGowan and Deceased Members of the McGowan Family

Sunday 5th July


9.00 am


Carmel Campbell - Anniversary

10.30 am


Maureen Reid – Anniversary

Mary Boylan – Anniversary

Tony Morgan - Anniversary


12 noon


Mass for the Parishioners


Monday 6th July


10 am


Des Howe - Recently Deceased


Tuesday 7th July


10 am


Donal Byrne - Recently Deceased


Wednesday 8th July


10 am


Bernadette Fisher - Recently Deceased

Special Intention


Thursday 9th July


10 am


Nancy Donaghy - Recently Deceased

Friday 10th July

10 am


Patrick Dullaghan – Recently Deceased

Rosaleen Ryan - Anniversary

Nancy Donaghy - Recently Deceased


Mass Offerings

  1. Announced Mass intentions may be arranged at the parish office between 10.30 am and 11.30 am only, Monday to Friday for Mass celebrated in public during the week and the weekend.
  2. Mass during weekdays Monday – Saturday 10 am.  Saturday 4.30 pm and 6 pm (Vigil) Sunday.  Sunday Mass 9 am, 10.30 am and 12 noon.
  3. Due to lack of Mass times available, you may be asked to share the Mass time for your intentions with another person’s intentions.
  4. Under the present public health regulations (Covid-19 pandemic), Mass attendance is restricted to 50 persons at each Mass.

For this reason, one (1) Month’s Mind may be attended by a maximum of three (3) mourners and two (2) mourners at an anniversary Mass.  You, your relatives, friends and neighbours may wish to view the Mass on the Parish Webcam at

  1. Recommended minimum offering per announced Mass is €10. An additional 1 euro is requested per Mass card.