Envelopes are now available on the tables near the Church exits/entrances to enable you to donate towards the funds


  1. The First Collection (Common Fund / Priests) and the Second Collection (Share). The Common Fund which is supported by “First Collection” and the Christmas and Easter Dues contributions funds the priests of the diocese both in active ministry and those sick and retired.  A cut of 25% from the priests’ monthly income has been implemented all across the Dublin diocese because of the current shortfall in the Common Fund due to the lockdown of the parish churches from 24th March 2020.


  1. Share – the “Second Collection” supports the central diocesan services. Both the Common Fund and Share are on the brink of collapse seriously impacting diocesan finances.  You may be also aware that voluntary redundancies (28 out of 82 employees) are now being suggested among the diocesan employees to alleviate the acute fiscal problem.  There is a restructuring of diocesan staffing in progress.


  1. The Voluntary Family Offering (V.F.O.) This fund supports the upkeep of the Church and the parish services including the parish office. It is derived from the weekly family offering, standing orders, and other donations.  Thank you for generosity in supporting the parish through your contributions in these challenging times.


  1. Blue plastic containers, appropriately labeled, are available at a fixed point in the church for each collection during Mass.

Adoremus 2020, an online Eucharistic Congress, takes place today


The faithful are invited to join in a National Eucharistic Congress, Adoremus 2020, which takes place online today from 2 p.m. onward.

Originally planned as a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ event to take place in Knock this weekend, Adoremus 2020 is organised jointly by the National Apostolate of Eucharistic Adoration and the Irish Bishops’ Conference as a preparation for the International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest.

The International Eucharistic Congress, due to take place in September, was postponed until next year by Pope Francis in April, because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and, similarly, the original Adoremus 2020 event has been cancelled.

The new online event can be accessed here or and it features a number of pre-recorded reflections. The first of these is by Bishop Kevin Doran of Elphin, who mediates on the theme ‘All my Springs are in You’

Other speakers include: Sr Virginia Joy of the Sisters of Life in New York, who will talk about ‘The Eucharist – Proof of God’s great love for us’ at 2.45 p.m.

Bishop Doran said: “This is an important celebration of faith in the life of the local and Universal Church.”

Adoremus 2020 will conclude with Rosary and the celebration Mass and Benediction by Father Richard Gibbons, parish priest of Knoc