Parish Mission Statement

Our Parish seeks to live as a family – supporting one another, open to all comers, building a community where each person feels wanted and cared for. To make this happen, we will work to grow in holiness through prayer and service and we will try to show God’s love in our daily lives.


Payers & Readings on page 111

Me and the big picture mosaic


Have you ever looked closely at a mosaic?  It is essentially a sometimes very big picture but always made up of very small pieces.  The big picture is God’s design and plans for the world, the very small pieces are us, and our individual acts and decisions.  Each of us is an essential part of the whole.  So, it is with the environment.  There is a big picture, and there is the individual small piece of that picture which only each of us can contribute. So, when you are tempted to throw out some food, or wastewater, or use more plastic than necessary, think of how that might affect the big mosaic. Without you, the mosaic will not be what it should be. To help you develop an increasingly sustainable lifestyle, watch this space for a new initiative in the parish.


PEACE AND FAMILY LIFE:  the monthly Medjugorje Mass for Peace and Family life next Thur. 27th February in the Divine Master Chapel @ 8.pm. 
Rosary before Mass; 
Exposition and Prayers for healing after Mass. All welcome.



Your prayers are requested for the souls whose anniversary occurs about this time.



February Mass times & Intentions

Sat 22

6.00 pm

·  Fiach O’Broin + Richard Lane (Anniv)

·  Mary + Jamsie Kelly (Anniv)

·  Robert O’Connor (R.I.P.)

·  Anne Kavanagh (R.I.P.)

Sun 23

9.00 am

Parishioners Intentions

10.30 am

Kevin Mullen (Rec Dec)

12 noon

Frank Murphy (Anniv)

Ellen + Owen Mullen (Anniv)

Jim Johnson (3rd Anniv)

Sean O’Donnell (Months Mind)

Mon 24

7 pm

Colette Buckley (R.I.P.)

Tue 25

7 pm

Eugene Egan (Anniv)                   

Liam + Geraldine Ennis (Anniv)          

William + Mary Ennis (Anniv)

Wed 26

7 pm

Ash Wednesday

Thu 27

7 pm

Davinia Cawley (RIP)

Fri 28

7 pm

Charles + Mary Moore (Anniv)

Charlie Moore (Anniv)


Holy Family Active Retirement Association

Renewal of Membership Meeting in the Parish Resource Centre on Tuesday 25th February at 11 a.m. contact Christopher Teeling mobile 0892278185 email christopherteeling@gmail.com. New members always WELCOME, meeting Tuesday morning at 11 am in the Resource Centre.


The February Collection for St, Vincent de Paul realised €1785. Sincerest thanks to our contributors for your continuing generosity.


ACCORD realised €1605 last weekend. Thank you.



Ash Wednesday 26th February 2020 there will be evening Mass at 7 pm Ash Wednesday 26th February 2020. Ash Wednesday is a day of Fast + Abstinence


Distribution of Ashes at both Masses

On Wednesdays 4th March, 11th March, 18th March, 25th March, 1st April and 8th April 2020, there will be a Prayer Service at 7 pm with Evening Prayer of the Church, Adoration concluding with Benediction at 7.30 pm.  There will be no distribution of Holy Communion at the Prayer Service. All Welcome.


CORONAVIRUS – “COVID-19” - Notice from Dublin Diocese.

  1. Those who have flu are under no obligation to attend Mass.
  2. Sign of Peace: Due to colds/flu around, parishioners/attendees at Mass are reminded that it suffices to “wish one another peace” by a nod of the head, a bow or a wave of the hand.

For info, please consult https://www.dublindocese.ie


Lecture: The Studies 2020 Lecture, entitled The Future of Liberal Democracy, will be delivered by Chris Patten, Baron Patten of Barnes, CH, PC, 28th and last Governor of Hong Kong 1992-1997 and Chairman of the British Conservative Party, 1990-1992.

St Ann's Church of Ireland

18 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Tue, 25 February 2020 - 19:00 – 21:00 GMT